Dance: body, space and movement.
Design: interdisciplinary collaboration as a strategy for creation.
Shinrin-Yoku: an alternative relationship with the landscape.
Culinary Art: from nature to imagination.
Astronomy: giving form to the invisible universe
Jewelry and Metal Design: beyond the value of things
Archaeology: an encounter with the first art of Baja California
Winemaking: a journey through the region with the other senses
INSITE LAB: first curatorial workshop (key concepts and words)
INSITE LAB: curatorial conversation and presentations
INSITE LAB: second curatorial workshop (genealogies and representational models)
INSITE LAB: third curatorial workshop
Critical Writing: words as images and images through words
INSITE LAB: two-day residency
Creating mental maps or intimate cartographies of the border.
The Fungi World: alternative ways of understanding biodiversity