INSITE LAB: first curatorial workshop (key concepts and words)

Carlos Palacios and Andrea Torreblanca. Abril 15, 2023.

In keeping with the INSITE LAB’s objective, which takes the San Diego/Baja California region as one of its main points of departure, the first workshop and curatorial talk explored the relationship between the local, the place of production, and the creative processes in contemporary art.

Carlos Palacios developed a presentation around these themes from the work of Hèlio Oiticica and Alighiero Boetti: two relevant examples of the presence of the local context in conceptual art. At the same time, Andrea Torreblanca presented the work of artist Andrea Zittel and her relationship to a specific place such as the California desert, close to Joshua Tree National Park.

The workshop for that session was dedicated to the formulation of concepts and keywords associated with the work of each INSITE LAB artist, an activity in which, through the association of terms, the participants generated new artist statements.

Venue: Escuela Libre de Arquitectura (ELA) Tijuana.