Common Thread

/ Guest Editor-Curator

Miguel A. López (Peru) is a writer, researcher, and was recently Co-Director and Chief Curator of TEOR/éTica in San José, Costa Rica.

For the Commonplaces project in Peru, Miguel A. López has selected the artist and activist Olinda Silvano and Non Shinanbo, a collective of thirty artisan mothers from the Shipibo community of Cantagallo in Lima. Olinda is one of the co-founders of Cantagallo, formed in 2000 along the Rimac River. Cantagallo is the home of Lima’s largest Shipibo community—formed largely as the result of migration from the Amazon in the late 1990s. Olinda has been working for over twenty years promoting the creative production of numerous women artists and artisans who transmit the Amazonian experience, traditions, and struggle for political rights in Peru through weaving, drawing, and murals.