Mother Plants and Struggling Women: Visions from Cantagallo/ Rao Titabo Itan Koshi Shinanya Ainbobo

12.11.2022-19.03.2023, MAC Lima, Peru
Mother Plants and Struggling Women video excerpt
About this exhibition

The exhibition Mother Plants and Struggling Women: Visions from Cantagallo (on view at MAC Lima thru March 19, 2023) is the result of an invitation extended to Olinda Silvano (Reshinjabe) and the collective Shinan Imabo (Our Inspirations) to rethink and represent the last two years of the health, social, and political crisis based on their concerns, urgent needs, and desires. Shinan Imabo is comprised of women from the Shipibo-Konibo people living in Cantagallo, a community located on the right bank of the Rímac river in Lima—currently the most populous Indigenous settlement in an urban area of Peru.

Gala Berger, Miguel A. López and Olinda Silvano (Reshinjabe)