Fernando García Dory

"When we make the decision and the commitment to proposing and launching an idea into the world of creating or understanding this human faculty that is art what ultimately moves us is the drive or ability to contribute to processes that we could call negentropic. This term might come from physics but is also used in biology, and means that, in general, all forms of matter, and the energy that inhabits them, tend toward dispersion and disorganization. We could say that is a subtle impulse which has brought about life and the materialization of complex structures both in the cosmos and in the world."

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Greg Sholette
Artist, Writer, Activist

Pablo Helguera

Donna Conwell
Curator at the Lucas Artists Residency Program at the Montalvo Arts Centro, California

Kerry Doyle
Director of the Rubin Center for the Visual Arts at The University of Texas, El Paso

Wonne Ickx
Founding Partner of PRODUCTORA, and LIGA. Space for Architecture

Denise Markonish
Senior Curator, MASS MoCA

Itala Schmelz
Cultural Manager and Curator

Carles Guerra
Artist, Critic, and Curator