CONVERSATIONS showcases edited versions of interviews, lectures, and talks selected from the INSITE Archive—many being made available to the public for the first time. The initiative also features recently produced dialogues focused on art and society with invited artists, curators, scholars and practitioners from a variety of fields.

The Local Turn, Miguel A. López, Gabi Ngcobo and Andrea Torreblanca
Q & A with Andrea Torreblanca, Director of Curatorial Projects at INSITE

Sally Stein
Dialogue 3/ Geography, Imagination, and Traffic in the Everyday

Robert Irwin
Art in Context/ Lecture

Conversation around the book and solo show D Major isn't Blue

Allan Sekula, Dead Letter Office, INSITE97 (interview)

Mildred Howard, Art in Context/ Lecture, inSITE94

Diego Gutiérrez Coppe, Trolley, inSITE94 (interview).

Terry Allen interview for UCSD-TV, inSITE94.

Felipe Ehrenberg interview for UCSD-TV, inSITE94.

Ulf Rollof and Michael Schnorr, Abandonado II, inSITE94 (interview).

Garage talk 2
Garage talk 3

Dennis Oppenheim, The Last Dance, inSITE94 (interview).

Art in Context/Lecture by Terry Allen, inSITE94

Felipe Ehrenberg, Curtain Call, inSITE94 (documentation).

Lee Boroson, Horn of Fuentes, inSITE94 (documentation).

Marta Palau, Naualli – Southern Border, inSITE94 (documentation).

Terry Allen, Cross the Razor, inSITE94 (interview).

Buzz Spector, Unpaking my Library, inSITE94 (interview).

Mario Lara & Barbara Sexton, You Can't Get There from Here, inSITE94 (interview).

Graciela Ovejero, Apacheta, inSITE94 (interview).

Pepón Osorio, Public Hearing, inSITE94 (interview).

Rimer Cardillo, A-ncestro D-ividido, inSITE94 (interview).

Patricia Patterson, Union market island front, inSITE94 (interview).

Susan Yamagata, A Silent Shame, inSITE94 (interview).

Chris Burden, A Tale of Two Cities, inSITE94.

Ernest Silva, Cora's Rain House, inSITE94 (interview).

David Jurist, Maíz/Maze, inSITE94 (interview).