Kerry Doyle
Director of the Rubin Center for the Visual Arts at The University of Texas, El Paso

“One of the ideas that keep coming back to me when I think about resilience and social beings is the experience of trauma…And there is a theory of trauma called ‘betrayal trauma theory’ that talks about the fact that trauma is not only terror and fear, but also a social betrayal…The other aspect of trauma that I’ve been thinking a lot about is the concept of trauma as a disruption of meaning, or loss of meaning, and a disruption of the narrative in someone’s life…I think it is about questioning that functionality in our organization and creating new narratives as we move forward, so the thing I see as being resilient is our ability to create these new narratives”

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Greg Sholette
Artist, Writer, Activist

Pablo Helguera

Donna Conwell
Curator at the Lucas Artists Residency Program at the Montalvo Arts Centro, California

Wonne Ickx
Founding Partner of PRODUCTORA, and LIGA. Space for Architecture

Denise Markonish
Senior Curator, MASS MoCA

Itala Schmelz
Cultural Manager and Curator

Carles Guerra
Artist, Critic, and Curator

Sara Solaimani
PhD Candidate in Art History Theory and Criticism