Garage talk 2

Garage talk 2
Participants: Christopher Ferreria, Hans Fjellestad, Maurycy Gomulicki, Itzel Martínez del Cañizo, and Javier Téllez.
Moderator: Joshua Decter

Sally Stein
Dialogue 3/ Geography, Imagination, and Traffic in the Everyday

Robert Irwin
Art in Context/ Lecture

Conversation around the book and solo show D Major isn't Blue

Allan Sekula, Dead Letter Office, INSITE97 (interview)

Mildred Howard, Art in Context/ Lecture, inSITE94

Diego Gutiérrez Coppe, Trolley, inSITE94 (interview).

Terry Allen interview for UCSD-TV, inSITE94.

Felipe Ehrenberg interview for UCSD-TV, inSITE94.