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The Clothes Shop was developed by the Tijuana collective Bulbo as an attempt to stimulate a collective creative experience about clothing worn in the Tijuana-San Diego region. The project involved the participation of a diverse group of people from varied professional backgrounds and different economic strata. It included a series of production workshops as well as the joint operation of exhibition spaces and clothing sales over a period of two months. The workshop was intended to serve as a platform for experimental aesthetic inquiry into the subject of clothing as a space in which to discuss the process and sites involved in the production, exhibition, and consumption of clothing. Bulbo inserted The Clothes Shop into formal and informal commercial venues, as well as in wholesale and retail sales centers in both cities (La Jolla and downtown Tijuana). They documented the experience live in real time with a webcam. Bulbo also edited a video that documented the process for television and Internet broadcast.

Curators: Osvaldo Sánchez and Tania Ragasol
Venues: Reception for Bulbo’s The Clothes Shop, Pomegranate, La Jolla, and Plaza Mundo Divertido, Tijuana