Allan Sekula

(USA, 1951-2013)

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Allan Sekula’s INSITE97 project, Dead Letter Office, was a montage of roughly fifteen photographs, many of them large-format diptychs and triptychs, of various locations in San Diego and Tijuana, including the Hyundai factory in Tijuana. The photographs, along with a narrative text, were installed at the Centro Cultural Tijuana and printed in the INSITE97 exhibition catalogue. Sekula wanted to explore the industry and labor in the border region and the exploitative nature of the corporations operating factories in Tijuana.

Curators: Jessica Bradley, Olivier Debroise, Ivo Mesquita, and Sally Yard
Venue: Centro Cultural Tijuana

Allan Sekula, Dead Letter Office, INSITE97 (interview)

CLOSEUP Allan Sekula, Dead Letter Office, INSITE97