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Maurycy Gomulicki, Aerial Bridge, inSite05

Maurycy Gomulicki, Aerial Bridge, inSite05.
Duration: 24 sec.

CLOSEUP Althea Thauberger, Murphy Canyon Choir, inSite_05.

CLOSEUP, Francis Alÿs, The Loop, INSITE97.

CLOSEUP, Mildred Howard, Abode: Sanctuary for the Familia(r)/From Cotton to Coal...The Last Train, inSITE94.

Terry Allen, Cross The Razor, inSITE94

INSITE 28 years

São Paulo: Bridges, Tunnels and Viaducts
Edited by Carla Zaccagnini
Drawings by Nicolás Robbio

Valeska Soares, Picturing Paradise, inSITE2000

Wandering Position. Selection from the INSITE Archive.
Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo, MUAC, Mexico City.
16.10.2010 - 13.03.2011