Farsites: Urban Crisis and Domestic Symptoms in Recent Contemporary Art

Farsites: Urban Crisis and Domestic Symptoms in Recent Contemporary Art was an exhibition of works by fifty-two international artists exploring issues of urban rupture —moments when the grid and systems of the modern city fail or fall short. The artworks selected for the exhibition reflected a broad range of understandings of “crisis” occurring in public, urban settings— economic, political, institutional, social, systemic, or cultural.

Curated by Adriano Pedrosa, Farsites included documentary projects by five adjunct curators focused on five cities in the Americas: Buenos Aires, Caracas, Mexico City, New York, and São Paulo. The catalogue features essays by Brazilian psychoanalyst Suely Rolnik, and California-based cultural critic and urban and media historian Norman Klein, as well as by Adriano Pedrosa and the five adjunct curators (Santiago García Navarro, Julieta González, Betti-Sue Hertz, Ana Elena Mallet, and Carla Zaccagnini).

Duration: 35 sec.

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CLOSEUP, Desert Blizzard, INSITE97

Judi Werthien, Brinco, inSite_05.

CLOSEUP Allan Sekula, Dead Letter Office, INSITE97.

CLOSEUP Rosângela Rennó, United States, INSITE97.

CLOSEUP Allan Kaprow, MUEZZIN, inSITE94.

CLOSEUP Althea Thauberger, Murphy Canyon Choir, inSite_05.

CLOSEUP, Francis Alÿs, The Loop, INSITE97.

CLOSEUP, Mildred Howard, Abode: Sanctuary for the Familia(r)/From Cotton to Coal...The Last Train, inSITE94.