CLOSEUP Estela Hussong, In Branches, inSITE94.

Ensenada artist Estela Hussong created an installation at the University of San Diego's Founders Gallery entitled In Branches/En ramas (inSITE94). Working with natural materials, Hussong created an installation consisting of branches, leaves, dried flowers, and cacti, as well as dried fish, found in the northern part of Baja California and transported across the border.

CLOSEUP Patricia Patterson

CLOSEUP Louis Hock, International Waters/Aguas internacionales, INSITE97.

CLOSEUP Miguel Calderón, Taxímetro, INSITE97.

CLOSEUP, Mônica Nador, Project at Maclovio Rojas, inSITE2000

CLOSEUP, Desert Blizzard, INSITE97

CLOSEUP Judi Werthein, Brinco, inSite_05

CLOSEUP Allan Sekula, Dead Letter Office, INSITE97

CLOSEUP Rosângela Rennó, United States, INSITE97.