26.08.2005 — 13.11.2005


Scenarios examines practices involved with the public domain that transcend urban spatial locations and sites of action that require the convening of an audience. Focusing on time-based considerations and the removal of the physical object as a support, these three projects deal with less established practices that have nonetheless become key to the construction of the public sphere as a space of discourse.

Scenarios refers to processes that parody common models for consuming, distributing, exhibiting, and storing cultural information. For the past few years, languages and formats ordinarily listed to transmit information, such as the Internet, the spectacle, and the index, have allowed art to create new, more radical inscriptions of “the public.”

The public impact of the projects featured in Scenarios lies in the fact that they afford us new means of relating to art through the fragile complexity of the shared experiences they provoke, the information networks they stimulate, the efficacy of their connectivity, and the morphing capacity of the articulations they generate. Scenarios raises questions about the predominance of temporalities determined by the circularity, speed, and expandability of networks that define new zones of transgression and contamination as different modes of knowledge that define today’s social imaginary.

-Osvaldo Sánchez