INSITE Journal
Allan Sekula,
Dead Letter Office, 

Hyundai container factory and trucker's graffiti, Tijuana.

Twentieth Century Fox Set for Titanic, Popotla, Baja California.

Carnival Cruise Lines ship departing Ensenada for Los Angeles.

Tuna cannery, Ensenada.

Twentieth Century Fox set for Titanic and mussel gatherers, Popotla.

Coffin factory, Tijuana.

Throwing a line, Ensenada.

Ensenada longshoremen loading luggage of passengers bussed in from SD to meet the Carnival
Cruise ship Tropicale bound for Honolulu.

Scavenger at work during the Republican convention, San Diego; Lobbyist's son at the Republican
convention, San Diego

Republican boat ride, San Diego;
"Free speech area" outside the Republican
convention, San Diego.

Navy photographer and marines participating in amphibious landing exercise, Camp Pendleton.

ABC news crew covering the Republican convention, San Diego.

Shipyard welder cutting steel for Hyundai truck chassis, Ensenada.

Metal-workers employed by a Hyundai subcontractor
signing authorization papers for an independent union, Tijuana.

Tuna Cannery, El Sauzal.

Impounded Chinese immigrant-smuggling ship and abandoned Russian fishing boat, Ensenada.