INSITE Journal
Marina Gržinić

Marina Gržinić is a philosopher, theoretician, and artist from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since 2003, she has been a professor and research adviser at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria. She publishes extensively, lectures worldwide, and has been involved in video productions since 1982. Among her publications are: M. Gržinić and Rosa Reitsamer, New Feminism: Worlds of Feminism, Queer and Networking Conditions (Vienna: Löcker), 2008; M. Gržinić and Šefik Tatlić, Necropolitics, Racialization, and Global Capitalism: Historicization of Biopolitics and Forensics of Politics, Art, and Life (Washington, DC: Lexington Books), 2014; and M. Gržinić (ed.), Border Thinking, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Vienna: Sternberg Press), 2018.