Strategic Founders (Multi-year commitments that support operations and programs)

Foundation haudenschild Garage
Lee Foundation
International Community Foundation
Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego

Strategic Partners (Multi-year commitments that support specific programs)

Rosella Fimbres
David Guss and Suzanne Lodl
Garna Muller

Benefactors (contributions that support operations and programs)

Cathe Burnham
Renee Comeau and Terry Gulden
Elizabeth and Peter Goulds
Randy Robbins and Helena Stage


Beverly Adams & John Cossins
Kelli Balistieri & Mark Quint
Mary Beebe & Charles Reilly
Barbara Bloom
Cathe Burnham
Magda Carranza
Renne Comou & Terry Gulden
Hugh Davies & Faye Hunter
Rosella Fimbres
Peter & Elizabeth Goulds
David Guss & Susanne Lodl
Eloisa Haudenschild
Garna Muller
Ron & Lucille Neeley
Randy Robbins & Helena Stage
Erika & Fred Torri