Iconoclasistas, taller de mapeo colectivo

(Iconoclasistas, Chronicle and Tools for Collective Mapping)

Collective Mapping Workshop chronicles mapping workshops designed by the Argentine duo, Iconoclasistas, for neighborhood residents.

From August 22 to September 5, 2015, discussion sessions were held to construct the framework for a collective, critical mapping of the neighborhood, considering different elements affecting quality of life: infrastructure, green areas, use of public space, transportation, housing conditions, and real estate developments, among others.

Working sessions were held at Casa Gallina and in different public spaces, such as the Alameda, the Dalia marketplace, and in front of the parish church. A variety of tools were employed—from maps to icons to surveys. Over 200 people participated to create a profile of collective critical thinking about the neighborhood.

Workshop coordinators and participants: Gabriela Galván, Elena Ibáñez Bravo, Irene Andrade, Gabriela Amor, Paloma Rivera Uribe, María de los Ángeles Hernández, Luis Barrio, Guadalupe Cristóbal, Sergio Corona, Carlos Atl, Daniela Fontaine, Brenda Raya, Uriel Arteaga, and Brenda and Diego Carrasco.

48 pages