Manual de auto-organización ante desastres

Disaster Self-Organization Manual

The Manual de auto-organización ante desastres (Manual of Self-Organization in Disasters) was designed as a community tool to respond to emergencies that may occur in the neighborhood, such as earthquakes, volcanic explosions (airborne ash), and explosions or fires caused by negligent design or use of domestic energy fixtures.

The manual contains general descriptions of the scientific causes of different types of emergencies in an attempt to dispel myths that may hinder the ability to respond. It also includes recommendations on how to be ready to respond to different types of emergencies. For this information to be most useful, the book addresses the importance of developing mutual support networks. Thus, knowing one another, working jointly to solve shared problems, supporting those in need, and celebrating together are considered key actions to fortify bonds amongst neighbors.

Editorial coordination:

Josefa Ortega

36 pages