Journal_06 Common Thread

INSITE Journal_06 is dedicated to Common Thread, a project developed in Lima, Peru by guest editor-curator Miguel A. López for INSITE Commonplaces from 2021 to 2023.

The project unfolded through several components, including this publication, a commission with the Shipibo-Konibo artist Olinda Silvano (Reshinjabe) and the Shinan Imabo (Our Inspirations) collective of artisan mothers from Cantagallo, an exhibition at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Lima, as well as Conversations with artists and other practitioners.

This publication brings together newly commissioned texts from María Eugenia Yllia, Ronin Koshi, Mery Fasabi, and Giuliana Vidarte, together with fragments of a text by Agustina Valera Rojas (Ranin Ama) and Pilar Valenzuela Bismarck (Metsá Rama). It also includes Conversations with the artists Olinda Silvano, Cristina Flores Pescorán, Santiago Yahuarcani, and Cecilia Vicuña; the documentation of the artists commission and exhibition; and a new Shipibo Glossary developed by Gala Berger and Metsá Rama (Pilar Arce).


Mery Fasabi _ Ronin Koshi _ Miguel A. López _ Pilar Valenzuela (Metsá Rama) _ Agustina Valera Rojas (Ranin Ama) & _ Giuliana Vidarte _ María Eugenia Yllia

240 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9642554-8-7

ISSN: 2994-001X