Fugitive Sites, INSITE2000

Parajes fugitivos

Fugitive Sites documents inSITE2000-01. Conceived by Susan Buck-Morss, Sally Yard, Ivo Mesquita and Osvaldo Sánchez, the public presentation of inSITE2000-01-twenty-seven new projects ranging from performance to spectacle to video and film to works exploring the limits of new technology--unfolded from October 2000 through March 2001. inSITE2000-01 marked a departure from traditional formats of presenting temporary sited work, focusing on public participation in sustained processes of cultural practice and collaborations with various publics throughout the border region over the exhibition of final products.

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David Avalos _ Judith Barry _ Nelson Brissac Peixoto _ Susan Buck-Morss _ Carmen Cuenca _ Gerardo Estrada _ Néstor García Canclini _ Serge Guilbaut _ David Harvey _ Mary Jane Jacob _ David Joselit _ Michael Krichman _ Masao Miyoshi _ Osvaldo Sánchez _ Sally Yard _ George Yúdice

Edited by

Cecilia Garza _ Osvaldo Sánchez

272 pages