Farsites, INSITE_05

Sitios distantes

Farsites accompanied an exhibition of works by fifty-two international artists exploring issues of urban rupture—moments when the grid and systems of the modern city fail or fall short. The artworks selected for the exhibition reflected a broad range of understanding of “crisis” occurring in public, urban settings—economic, political, institutional, social, systemic, or cultural.

A collaborative effort of the Centro Cultural Tijuana, inSite_05, and the San Diego Museum of Art, Farsites was the first museum exhibition jointly organized by visual arts institutions in the highly charged border region of San Diego-Tijuana.

Curated by Adriano Pedrosa, Farsites included documentary projects by five adjunct curators focused on five cities in the Americas: Buenos Aires, Caracas, Mexico City, New York, and São Paulo. The book features essays by Brazilian psychoanalyst Suely Rolnik and California-based cultural critic and urban and media historian Norman Klein, as well as by Adriano Pedrosa and the five adjunct curators.

Farsites was the museum exhibition component of inSite_05 – a network of cultural events that included Interventions, commissioned projects in public spaces in San Diego and Tijuana; Conversations, a three-year series of dialogues, workshops, lectures, and publications; and Scenarios, supporting new forms of artistic practice in the public sphere.

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Santiago García Navarro _ Julieta González _ Norman M. Klein _ Ana Elena Mallet _ Adriano Pedrosa _ Suely Rolnik _ Carla Zaccagnini

Edited by

Julie Dunn _ Adriano Pedrosa

174 pages