Atlas botánico mínimo de la Santa María la Ribera

(A Minimal Botanical Atlas of Santa María la Ribera)

Atlas botánico mínimo de Santa María La Ribera (Abbreviated Botanical Atlas of Santa María La Ribera) takes a naturalist-like approach to the botanical environment of the neighborhood. Group tours of Santa María recorded the different species found in the area. The purpose is to share knowledge about the natural environment and about the species present in our urban setting to show the political importance of knowing, defending, and protecting such an environment.

The book focuses on sixty different species of trees, bushes, and plants that are not necessarily native to the Valley of Mexico, but which have adapted or merged with the native botanical species of suburban zones. This list is a result of a visual identification by a group of neighbors in Santa María La Ribera’s green areas, recorded at the end of 2016 under the supervision of biologists Lourdes Cruz Terán and Iván Pérez Samayoa, members of Estanquillo el 32, a neighborhood organization. Based on the data collected, artist Mariana Magdaleno illustrated each species in watercolor, linking them to cultural information that validates their scientific value or their medical use in traditional botany.

The book accompanied an exhibit at the Museo de Geología that was presented from February to May 2017.


_ Lourdes Cruz Terán _ Iván Pérez Samayoa


Mariana Magdaleno

39 pages