Visual Identities for Neighborhood Businesses (Stage 2)

May, 2016


Starting with this stage, the project was coordinated by inSite/Casa Gallina team.

May 2016, 8 businesses

Business: Cleaning products Regis / Artist: Karen Vega
Business: Hairdresser Fresno / Artist: Carmen Camacho
Business: PC Guru. Your computational guide / Artist: Ana Laura Hernández
Business: Pepe Pollos. Roasted chicken/ Artist: Karen Vega
Business: Gaxel Estética/ Artist: Alejandro García
Business: GDE Publicity. Printing and digital printing/ Artist: Andrés Ramírez
Business: ORG. Specialists in repairing household appliances / Artist: Heby Lucas
Business: Tamalería Cintli/ Artist: Jimena Vidal