Ulf Rollof & Michael Schnorr

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Originally created for inSITE92 by San Diego artist Michael Schnorr and Swedish artist Ulf Rollof, Abandonado IIwas substantially expanded and renovated for inSITE94. The project was from the beginning born of the particular circumstances that describe its location. Situated on an empty lot across the street from the Pacific Ocean at Playas de Tijuana, the installation was intended to serve the numerous abandoned children who live along the border in the beach area. The installation consisted of several pieces constructed from brick and concrete, among them two pieces of fire-heated outdoor furniture, the “Fire Sofa” and “Fire Chair.” It also included a shell-like echo chamber titled Habla/Head - Cabeza/Speak and a circle of brick school desks titled “The Bricklayers’ Class.” The installation became a gathering place for locals and a playground for children.

Organizer: Installation Gallery
Venue: Playas de Tijuana

Ulf Rollof & Michael Schnorr, Abandonado II, 1994 (interview)