Terry Allen

(USA, 1943)



Terry Allen’s project, Cross the Razor/Cruzar la navaja, was located on both sides of the US-Mexico border fence. Working to establish some sort of platform for communication across the fence, Allen’s proposal for a public exchange of words and music evolved from two stationary free-speech areas to two mobile units. Two vans were outfitted with wooden platforms, microphones, amplifiers, and translators, one for each side of the border. For the duration of the project the two vans met at various points along the border fence near Playas de Tijuana and Border Field State Park, and an open invitation was extended to all to climb onto the vans and communicate by any means to listeners on the other side.

Curator: Lynda Forsha
Organizer: Installation Gallery
Venue: Border Field State Park, Imperial Beach, and Playas de Tijuana

Terry Allen interview for UCSD-TV, inSITE94.

Terry Allen, Cross the Razor, inSITE94 (interview).