Sheldon Brown

(USA, 1962)

The Video Wind Chimes use the force of the wind to reveal the pervasive electromagnetic fields inhabiting the atmosphere, particularly those that are encoded as the broadcast television spectrum. A series of video projectors are mounted inside of winged housings, which cause the projectors to sway in the wind, changing the projected imagery’s tuning and its position on the ground.

Curator: Carol Hobson
Organizer: Center for Research in Computing and the Arts, University of California, San Diego
Venue: Center for Research in Computing and the Arts, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla


Sheldon Brown’s project for INSITE97, Mi casa es tu casa/My House Is Your House, was a networked virtual reality environment installed at the Children’s Museum/Museo de los Niños in San Diego and the Centro Nacional de las Artes in Mexico City. Providing an interactive space for children to play and explore, the project used innovative computer technology to connect the environments in both cities to allow children to participate in the construction of a virtual house. Both rooms were equipped with costumes and tools to build the house, and as children moved through the room, they could watch their virtual body double mirroring their actions. Brown’s project imparted notions of home, nation, heritage, and cultural construction through child’s play.

Curators: Jessica Bradley, Olivier Debroise, Ivo Mesquita, and Sally Yard
Venues: Children’s Museum/Museo de los Niños, San Diego; Centro Nacional de de las Artes, Mexico City