Rubens Mano

(Brazil, 1960)


Related Material

Rubens Mano developed a low-profile artistic action, which he sought to locate within preexisting transborder flows. His project considered the creation of a limited-edition pin, which was introduced into the cross-border flow of commuters (individuals who travel from Tijuana to San Diego every day in order work or to go to school). Visible involved the complimentary distribution of the pin, which was accompanied by a text that related the project to the cross-border flows of the region. The purpose of the project was to reveal and delineate the presence of less visible narratives existing within border flows. Visible was developed through an intense personal interchange between the artist and a group of volunteers. Mano decided to maintain the project’s presence in the area via a website, which would ensure the possible evolution of new channels of pin distribution and access after inSite_05.

Curators: Osvaldo Sánchez and Tania Ragasol
Venue: Across the US-Mexico border and online