Roman de Salvo

(USA, 1965)


San Diego-based artist Roman de Salvo created a project for inSITE2000 that followed his line of tongue-in-cheek works while at the same time cleverly pointing at issues of relevance and depth in contemporary culture and society. Using the balero, an iconic, inexpensive Mexican toy most often bought by tourists visiting Tijuana, de Salvo created the simulation of a high-tech video arcade game. With elements high and low coming together, de Salvo installed three Techno-balero stations in a typical downtown Tijuana market where one could play the baleros by manipulating a joystick that moved a mock “video” screen or a low-tech blinky image, showing the balero being played. As participants would successfully win each time the game was played, chimes connected to the joystick would ring in the background.

Curators: Susan Buck-Morss, Ivo Mesquita, Osvaldo Sánchez, and Sally Yard
Venue: Pasaje Gómez Market, Tijuana

San Diego-based artist Roman de Salvo created four distinct installations for inSITE94 at the San Diego Natural History Museum. Titled Rain Bow/Arco de lluvia, Santa Ana, Exits/Salidas, and Mouse Hole/Ratonera, respectively, the pieces were located in areas of the museum not normally used for exhibition. Drawing attention to the marginal with a certain measure of wit, de Salvo’s minimal yet rich interjections invited visitors to contemplate freely, without detailed exposition from the artist.

Curator: Mark Quint
Organizer: San Diego Natural History Museum
Venue: San Diego Natural History Museum