For their INSITE97 Community Engagement project, artist collective RevolucionArte (RevArte) worked with local children and residents of the fishing village Popotla to create murals constructed of found materials to soften and embellish the concrete walls surrounding their community. Popotla had recently been subjected to the development of numerous modern buildings and projects, including the kilometer-long concrete wall constructed for 20th Century Fox’s production set for the film Titanic. It was on this wall that the murals were created, giving the residents a sense of ownership over their village and its landscape. Popotla–The Wall/Popotla–El muro, was created over the course of four months, but even after the exhibition was over the community continued to add to the murals.

Curators: Jessica Bradley, Olivier Debroise, Ivo Mesquita, and Sally Yard
Venue: Popotla