Octavio Hernández

(Mexico, 1957-2015)

For his INSITE97 Community Engagement project, Octavio Hernández developed a musical collaboration with The Sound Hunters, composed of university students. Roaming the streets of Tijuana and San Ysidro, Hernández and the students recorded the sounds of the city, from the noise of traffic and people to the sounds of food being cooked. The captured sounds were then transformed by musicians into thirteen tracks with a style combining techno and northern Mexican country music. The work culminated in the production of a CD named Zoo-Sónico: ruidos, sones y latidos en la frontera de dos mundos/Sonic Zoo: Noise, Sound, and Rhythm on the Border between Two Worlds. Although some would disagree, Zoo-Sónico is widely considered the first-ever recording of Nortec musician/DJs.

Project director: Victor Madero
Venues: The streets of Tijuana and San Ysidro