Norma Michel

(Mexico, 1968)

The Tijuana artist collective En-Con-Traste created an installation sited at the Instituto de Cultura de Baja California. Their room-sized installation, In-Con-Trast/En-Con-Traste, sought, in the words of the group, to engage the viewer in a labyrinthine journey of contrasts, where the choice of one side over the other invariably leads to untold situations of contrast, self-reflection, and confluence.

Curator: Comité Baja California
Organizers: Departamento de Cultura Municipal, Tijuana; Instituto de Cultura de Baja California; Centro Cultural Tijuana; El Colegio de la Frontera Norte; Universidad Autónoma de Baja California; Universidad Iberoamericana Plantel Noroeste
Venue: Instituto de Cultura de Baja California, Tijuana