Nina Katchadourian

(USA, 1968)

Situated at the San Diego Natural History Museum and at Linda Moore Gallery in San Diego, Nina Katchadourian’s project, Chloe, showcased Chloe, a taxidermy dog, propped on an embroidered silk pillow. While it was the intention of the artist to show the actual taxidermy dog at the Natural History Museum, mixed opinion on public perception of a taxidermy pet on view influenced the museum to opt for a Chloe stand-in. On view at the museum, in a Plexiglas vitrine, was a photograph of Chloe on an identical silk pillow, accompanied by a placard referring viewers to the Linda Moore Gallery where the actual Chloe could be seen.

Curator: Mark Quint
Organizer: San Diego Natural History Museum
Venues: San Diego Natural History Museum and Linda Moore Gallery, San Diego


Related Material

Working as a collective for their INSITE piece, Nina Katchadourian, Steven Matheson, and Mark Tribe created Carpark/Estacionamiento at Southwestern College in Chula Vista. The project involved the participation of students, faculty, and staff of the college, all of whom were asked to park for one day in a designated area determined by the color of their vehicle, ranging from aqua to metallic raspberry. The project was carried out on August 31, 1994, and at the end of the commuter rush the parking lots of Southwestern College were completely color sorted.

Curator: Larry Urrutia
Organizers: Southwestern College and inSITE94
Venue: Southwestern College, Chula Vista

Steve Matheson, Nina Katchadourian & Mark Tribe, Carpark, inSITE94 (documentation).

Steve Matheson, Nina Katchadourian & Mark Tribe, Carpark, inSITE94 (documentation).

The artist constructed a viewing booth on a mezzanine of the brewery in which to watch videos representing different aspects of her youth and parents, and growing up. The tapes are brief and offer autobiographical glimpses of the artist’s early life.

Curators: Mark Quint and Ernest Silva
Venue: Mission Brewery Plaza, San Diego
Organizer: Installation Gallery