Nancy Rubins

(USA, 1952)

Commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego a few years prior to 1994, the museum presented, in conjunction with inSITE94, a new installation by Los Angeles-based artist Nancy Rubins at their downtown location. Titled Airplane Parts and Building, A Large Growth for San Diego, the installation was built of discarded airplane parts that were arranged to rise from the floor of the interior space of the museum and pierce through the building’s south-facing windows to form a large hovering growth on the exterior. The dynamic arrangement of the elements made the pieces work together as one appearing frozen in time, and their careful placement as a whole suggested a rapid movement as though whirled together by some unknown force.

Curator: Kathryn Kanjo
Organizer: Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego (downtown location)