Marianna Dellekamp

(Mexico, 1968)

Over the course of a year, Marianna Dellekamp met weekly with a group of neighbors interested in weaving. The affective energy of the group was consolidated into a space of trust, in which, besides weaving, the women shared personal stories. Marianna invited each to bring an object that was meaningful to them. The presence of the objects on the worktable formed an intimate collection for the group, which triggered conversations where personal stories emerged that became linked to the group and their increasing bonds of trust.

The artist reproduced the objects in the form of charm bracelets—gifts that were given to all members of the group. In it, they can be recognized individually, but also as part of an articulated whole that shapes them as a unit. The collection of pieces was reproduced in life-sized porcelain versions and each participant was asked to destroy their own object in a cathartic process of self-recognition. The broken porcelain pieces were reconstructed using the Japanese technique of Kintsugi, which considers scars as a constitutive element that provides history and memory to the restored piece.

—Josefa Ortega

Curators: Osvaldo Sánchez and Josefa Ortega
Final Project: Video installation with porcelain and bracelet.