Luis Moret


Tijuana artist Luis Moret created an installation in an exterior passageway at the Centro Cultural Tijuana. Entitled Waiting Room/Sala de espera, Moret’s project took its inspiration from visits to the Tijuana garbage dump. He was taken by the fact that the dump itself appears like a small city, with streets carved by trucks and people scavenging for traces of value or life still left to be recovered from the waste of others. Looking across the border, Moret recognized that a society of excess is indeed a society of waste, and that while the waste of one becomes useful for the other, at the same time it somehow is the aspiration of developing societies to arrive at this social niveau of being able to toss away things before they are worn out. Moret created a replica of the Tijuana dump by building a Plexiglas maze approximately eight feet tall stuffed with items from the dump.

Curator: Comité Baja California
Organizers: Departamento de Cultura Municipal, Tijuana; Instituto de Cultura de Baja Califonria; Centro Cultural Tijuana; El Colegio de la Frontera Norte; Universidad Autónoma de Baja California; Universidad Iberoamericana Plantel Noroeste.
Venue: Centro Cultural Tijuana