Liz Magor

(Canada, 1948)


Liz Magor’s INSITE97 project was an experiment in photography that involved portraits of students from both the School of Creative and Performing Arts in San Diego and the Preparatoria Federal Lázaro Cárdenas in Tijuana. For Blue Students/Alumnos en azul, Magor took portraits of numerous senior students and created various format negatives. She pressed the negatives with paper covered in iron salts that converted each into a positive blue image under exposure to daylight. Magor placed the negatives throughout San Diego and Tijuana, and allowed the various states of light to produce the final pictures. By the end of the exhibition, only a few images had not been completely obscured by effects of the daylight. Magor stated that the final images in their various stages of legibility represented the power of circumstance and chance that governs the path of people’s lives.

Curators: Jessica Bradley, Olivier Debroise, Ivo Mesquita, and Sally Yard
Venues: Casa de la Cultura, Tijuana, Restaurant La Terraza, Playas de Tijuana; Puesto de Jugos, Playas de Tijuana; Centro Cultural Tijuana; The ReinCarnation Project; Balboa Theatre, Children’s Museum/Museo de los Niños, San Diego; The Paladion; Santa Fe Depot, San Diego