Josep-Maria Martín

(Spain, 1961)

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Josep-Maria Martín proposed creating a space that could potentially sustain experiences of renewal and learning among young undocumented migrants deported to Tijuana after unsuccessfully attempting to cross the US-Mexico border. Martín sought to co-design a space annexed to the Casa YMCA de Menores Migrantes of Tijuana by working in conjunction with the Tijuana architect, Sergio Soto, the staff and residents of the Casa YMCA de Menores Migrantes, and a number of activists, academics, and migrant support agencies. He proposed that the space should provide the adolescents a temporary house there with a retreat—a space in which to rest, think, listen to music, read, or view the urban landscape. Martín also suggested that the space could house youth-oriented programs addressing issues of migration flows, human rights, and the personal deliberations that weigh on the decision to migrate.

Due to differences between the curatorial team and the artist, the commission was not fully realized.

Curators: Osvaldo Sánchez and Donna Conwell