Johnny Coleman

(USA, 1958)

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Artist Johnny Coleman described his installation Crossroads/BAGGAGE BUILDING/Encrucijadas/BODEGA DE EQUIPAJE, located in the baggage building in the Santa Fe Depot, as a “found poem consisting of stories collected by following the tracks.” The artist spent months traveling the California railroad to collect stories of migration and personal accounts of working on the railroad. These traces provided the material for the various elements in the installation, including audio narratives, music, various props, and construction elements.

Curator: David Zapf
Organizer: Sushi Performance and Visual Art
Venue: Santa Fe Depot, San Diego

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“This installation, Ruminations, is a dreamscape: an exploration of shifting narratives at the crossroads. In the wake of a painful and humiliating verdict in Simi Valley, and the searing image of L.A. in flames, I find myself focusing upon thresholds: a state of being on the line. The fire ain't out.” —Johnny Coleman

Venue: David Zapf Gallery, San Diego
Organizer: David Zapf Gallery, San Diego