Héctor M. Pérez

(Mexico, 1960)

San Diego-based architect Héctor Pérez was commissioned for inSITE2000 with a specific charge to create two sites, one in San Diego and one in Tijuana, that would function as information hubs for the exhibition as well as house several finished projects. The intention was to create a space where the public could view inSITE2000 media-based projects and peruse materials related to the exhibition in general. The two sites also functioned as gathering places for several panel discussions and artist lectures for the Conversations platform that was one of the components of inSITE2000. Pérez incorporated elements into his design that he found central to the San Diego-Tijuana landscape, such as simplicity, mobility, economy, adaptability, and multi-functionality. In Tijuana the in(fo)SITE was located at the Centro Cultural Tijuana and in San Diego the in(fo)SITE was located downtown in the Spreckels Theatre building.

Curators: Susan Buck-Morss, Ivo Mesquita, Osvaldo Sánchez, and Sally Yard
Venues: Centro Cultural Tijuana and Spreckels Theatre building, San Diego