Graciela Ovejero

(Argentina, 1956)

San Diego-based Argentinian artist Graciela Ovejero created a piece at the Centro Cultural de la Raza entitled Apacheta. Drawing on Ovejero’s personal heritage, the installation focused on the myth of Pachamama, or Mother Earth, as it still exists in the belief of natives from the northern part of Argentina. One way that Pachamama is honored is by the construction of stone mounds called apachetas.For her installation the artist built a technological apacheta out of TV monitors, situated on a floor of soil, and showing a video diptych, each video respectively titled “The Journey” and “Aspects and Manifestations.” The videos were in response to the artist’s relationship to the earth and how her cultural background has informed that relationship.

Curators: Patricio Chávez and Mario Lara
Organizer: Centro Cultural de la Raza
Venue: Centro Cultural de la Raza, San Diego