Genie Shenk

(USA, 1937-2018)

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For her INSITE97 Community Engagement project, Genie Shenk collaborated with the Athenaeum Music and Arts Library and Athenaeum School of the Arts in La Jolla and San Diego to present workshops exploring public space. Entitled The Individual and Public Space: One and Everyone/El espacio individual y público: uno y todos, the workshops involved fifty adult participants in the production of a book of photographs and texts about personal relations with public space and other individuals. The workshop also provided a collaborative experience where participants learned to work with one another to make decisions on the style, design, and layout of a final book, Public Space One & the Individual Everyone.

Project director: Erika Torri
Organizer: Athenaeum Music and Arts Library
Venues: Athenaeum Music and Arts Library, La Jolla, and Athenaeum School of the Arts, San Diego