Erick Meyenberg

(México, 1980)

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Over a period of two and a half years, Erick Meyenberg developed a collaborative work with the members of the Lobos high school marching band, from the Colegio Hispanoamericano. Working with the students’ music professor, Meyenberg identified five axes of motivation that allowed the teenagers to belong to the group: space, sound, history, uniform, and the body. Meyenberg constructed a program of activities where he, and an invited composer, two choreographers, and a costume designer carried out exercises with the students toward the goal of revealing their different potential interests.

The collaboration process culminated in a flash mob “performance” enacted in the seven-story atrium of the Forum Buenavista shopping center—one of Mexico City’s largest malls that happens to be located on the edge of the Santa María neighborhood. Through a deployment of sound and choreography, the intervention posed critical reflections about issues such as consumption, the routines of power, military kinetics, and the gears of the economic and social world that young people are inserted into/confronted with everyday. Through this process, each of the students’ bodies was transformed into a vehicle of political enunciation, in which individual voices could be recognized, but also as part of a collective capable of reproducing or questioning the mechanical system and its fissures. As a final piece, Meyenberg produced a three-channel video installation in which he integrated recordings of the intervention at the mall, together with material from other actions that were carried out during the process at architectural spaces with important historical or political significance in relation to power in Mexico City—the Monument to the Revolution and the site of the Tlatelolco student massacre in 1968, among others.

—Josefa Ortega

Curators: Osvaldo Sánchez and Josefa Ortega
Final Project: Video installation/3-channel projection/Length 16' 8''

Erick Meyenberg, The Wheel Bears no Resemblance to a leg, inSite/Casa Gallina (film).