Eloy Tarcisio

(Mexico, 1955)


Located at the Centro Cultural Tijuana, Playas de Tijuana, and at the Santa Fe Depot in San Diego, Mexico City-artist Eloy Tarcisio’s project, The Line/La línea, played on the notion of the border as a line vis-à-vis the artist’s introduction of parodying new lines. At the Playas de Tijuana, Tarcisio used five copper tubes cut open lengthwise and filled with traditional Mexican foods such as beans, corn, and chiles. The filling of each tube seemed to swell out of the slits and appeared as elements difficult to contain. The artist placed each tube at a different angle to the “original” line of the border, suggesting a reexamination of the demarcation between the two countries.

Curator: Walther Boelsterly
Organizers: Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes a través del Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes
Venues: Centro Cultural Tijuana and Playas de Tijuana.