Cooperativa Mexicali

The artist group Cooperativa Mexicali contributed an installation titled Destiny . . .?/¿Destino . . .? that was located on the plaza in front of the Palacio Municipal de Tijuana. Consisting of twelve full-scale human figures made of heavy gauge wire, mounted on concrete blocks and arranged in a circle at the center of which was a wire earthlike structure. All figures facing the center with bowed heads had a cast facial element hanging from within their body structures, suggesting a coming together in reverence around the central globe structure.

Curator: Comité Baja California
Organizers: Departamento de Cultura Municipal, Tijuana; Instituto de Cultura de Baja California; Centro Cultural Tijuana; El Colegio de la Frontera Norte; Universidad Autónoma de Baja California; Universidad Iberoamricana Plantel Noroeste
Venue: Palacio Municipal de Tijuana