Cindy Zimmerman

(USA, 1949)

Cindy Zimmerman’s Community Engagement project for INSITE97 was the development of a new park environment at the landfill adjacent to Florida Canyon in Balboa Park. Constructing the piece over several months, Zimmerman involved children and families in the creation and placement of straw bales and clay in the landfill to make labyrinths, temporary earthworks, and adobe structures. The Great Balboa Park Landfill Exposition of 1997/La gran exposicion del relleno del Balboa Park 1997 transformed an unused and unattractive plot of land into a new community park and art installation. Zimmerman led workshops and meetings throughout the project to involve the community and collaborate with the participants to create art from organic materials.

Project directors: Joe Corones and Gail Goldman
Organizers: City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture; Environmental Services Department; Park and Recreation Department