Carmela Castrejón Diego

(Tijuana, 1956)

"Carmela Castrejón's photographic installation, 'Elementos,' rests on the floor of Installation Gallery's fourth-floor offices. Spare and obtuse, the combinations of black and white photo enlargements make fleeting references to racism, border crossing and the disparities separating Mexico and the United States."

Leah Ollman, LA Times, Sept. 23, 1992

Curators: Mark Quint and Ernest Silva
Venue: Mission Brewery Plaza, San Diego
Organizer: Installation Gallery

Carmela Castrejón Diego, who also participated in IN/SITE92, created an installation entitled A Stone in the Road/Una piedra en el camino.The artist chose to locate her piece at the Palacio Municipal de Tijuana, a site where the public would not normally encounter art. Echoing the stone and masonry of the municipal building itself, Castrejón Diego constructed stone monoliths suggesting a quality of permanence and history.

Curator: Comité Baja California
Organizers: Departamento de Cultura Municipal, Tijuana; Instituto de Cultura de Baja California; Centro Cultural Tijuana; El Colegio de la Frontera Norte; Universidad Autónoma de Baja California; Universidad Iberoamiercana Plantel Noroeste
Venue: Palacio Municipal, Tijuana