Arturo Cuenca

(Cuba, 1955)

Cuban-born artist Arturo Cuenca was drawn to work with the visual language of billboards that crowd the US-Mexican border crossing at San Ysidro. With You are aquí Cuenca pointed to the obvious—locating border crossers exactly at the point of transition between the two countries. Borrowing from the visual language of the surrounding billboards, Cuenca constructed a new billboard with a manipulated satellite image of the border and had it installed on the Puente Mexico, the pedestrian bridge that crosses the lines of vehicular border traffic. Acting as a location marker, the work was seen by more than 150,000 commuters daily.

Curators: Susan Buck-Morss, Ivo Mesquita, Osvaldo Sánchez, and Sally Yard
Venue: Puente México, San Ysidro