Antoni Muntadas

(Spain, 1977)

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On Translation: Fear/Miedo is a television intervention by Antoni Muntadas that was inserted in broadcast programming in the United States and in Mexico. It features interviews with people who experience the inherent tensions of the San Diego-Tijuana area on a daily basis, combined with archival footage dealing with the concept of fear at the US-Mexico border. The video also incorporates additional found footage from the media and elsewhere, as well as clips from fictional films that focus on the subject of fear. With On Translation: Fear/MiedoMuntadas seeks to illustrate how fear is an emotion that is translated on both sides of the border from very different perspectives. It’s a cultural-sociological construct always intimately tied to the political and economic domain. On Translation: Fear/Miedo was telecasted during the months of August through November 2005. To date, it has been broadcast on television channels in three out of four key locations that influence and affect the border zone, either as centers of power and decision making or places that are greatly impacted by policies emanating from those centers: Tijuana, San Diego, Mexico City, and Washington, DC (during the period coinciding with inSite_05 transmission was not possible in Washington, DC).

Curators: Osvaldo Sánchez and Tania Ragasol
Venue: Public presentation at Cervecería Tijuana