Ana María Millán

(Colombia, 1975)

Wanderlust, by Ana María Millán, was created through a collaborative work process that the artist carried out with neighborhood youth over the course of a year. When she first approached the neighborhood context, Ana María Millán identified several locales where young people would meet to play video games. Based on that energy, she brought together neighbors interested in video games, or “gamers,” to meet and propose a project together.

After multiple working sessions, the youth developed several characters and situations that synthesized everyday conflicts that are important to them. Sexuality, belonging to a world controlled by corporations, the constant use of masks to interact, as well as the lack of solidarity in an individualized and competitive society, were some of the themes that fueled the stories developed by the group. Millán compiled these diverse situations to create a story of a trip in which the characters pass through different universes. The work was produced in3 -D animation. It asks its audience to reflect on contemporary societies and the ways of resisting their constant domination strategies.

—Josefa Ortega

Curators: Osvaldo Sánchez and Josefa Ortega
Final Project: 3-D animation